Services and ailments treated at our doctor's office in Cedar Point 

Labs, EKG,...At our center for primary care in Cedar Point we perform thorough and complete physical examinations including: Department of Transportation (DOT) initial and re certification, annual wellness exams, sports and school exams,...annual medicare check ups.  

We offer family physician-like diagnosis and treatment of chronic and intermittent illness such as: arthritis, hypertension / blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, thyroid, cold and flu symptoms, sore throat, headaches, cholesterol, migraines, allergies, pulmonary and respiratory, cancer screening, infections, audiology screening, We manage prescription drug programs and refills, perform cancer screenings, and cater to sports injuries.  

On the female side: pap tests, breast / mammary exam, UTI / urinary tract infections, IUD removal, menstrual disorder, menopause,...

Prostate disease and ED on the male side and minor skin concerns like: warts, moles, skin tags and rashes. Mild depression and anxiety, panic attack and attention deficit. Wound management.


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Make us your doctor's office in Cedar Point  

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